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Failte & Welcome to Éire Rider my name is Ben.

At Éire Rider you will experience Tourism through Digital Media which includes a video of the location and  photos. This would give you a good idea on what can be found at the location you wish to visit.


The Website is constantly growing and more locations will be added which may either aid you on a future visit to Ireland or give you more information on what you may see and find at the attraction while you are here.


To give you some background on where my travel adventures started, scroll below.




Travelling has always been with me however this really started to grow when I started motorcycling.


My Motorcycle travel adventures all started in South Africa in 2012 when I was living in Cape Town.

I watched a series called ” The Long Way round” with Ewan Mcgregor and Charlie Boorman riding there BMWs east from London to New York. Immediately my mind was opened at how large although accessible the world is and to see it riding a motorbike must be a exciting and thrilling experience.

After watching “Long Way Down” the 2nd part of the long way series I was even more interested in following my passion to start riding and exploring South Africa.

In 2012 I decided to purchase my first motorbike a BMW G 650 GS. My wife having decided on a bike too made the experience even better. We got our licenses that year and we were now open to exploring the Capes many scenic locations.

Later that year I managed to meet my hero Charlie Boorman who had through his own travels inspired me to go out there and explore the world. A highlight of my life and one still remembered.

Through 2013 to 2014 I was mainly confined to local routes. In late 2014 I had the desire to see Botswana again after living there for a number of years when I was younger. I planned a route and July 2015 would be the month I would head off through South Africa, Namibia then onto Botswana and return through Gabarone, Kimberley, Prieska, Hopetown, Calvinia and home to Cape Town. The trip would be roughly around 10000km.

When 2015 had arrived our plans had changed with our Botswana trip on hold, my wife and I decided to move to Ireland

The scenery in South Africa is very majestic and it will always be with me and I am glad to have had the opportunity to see the beauty that is South Africa.



During my first 6 months living in Ireland plans were in motion to purchase my second bike but I had to wait until 2016 before proceeding.

In 2016 the opportunity presented itself, I bought the BMW F700GS to start my journey of exploring Ireland and its stunning scenery. Unfortunately the weather had a large impact on my riding opportunities and my work schedule in the early years however I had explored some parts of Ireland but not enough. My biggest trip was to Westport along the Wild Atlantic Way and parts of Co. Galway. The majority of the majestic scenery can be found in this area all the way down to cork.

My work commitments had a profound impact on motorcycling in Ireland, along with the weather having come from a country that had sunshine most of the year round and you could at least plan a journey in advance. So in 2017 I had decided to sell my F700GS and not replace it with anything for the moment.

After about 2 years after finally adjusting to the weather climate in Ireland along with having a job that would allow me the opportunity to ride a bit more I decided to start looking at some options. I had decided to remain with the BMW brand and bought a lovely BMW F800GS Adventure in my colour of choice, oddly similar to my first bike.

Now that I had the bike it was time to start planning to explore Ireland.

Unfortunately Covid-19 hit Ireland in 2020 and restrictions on movement were imposed and my job hanging in the balance.

ÉIRE RIDER early beginnings

During Covid-19 thoughts of starting a channel based on exploring Ireland and showing the Scenic locations, its people and Historic sites had started to manifest. How this would all come together was still far from being clear.

Back to work mid 2020 took my focus off looking into creating Eire Rider until 2021.

In 2021 I started following various Digital media channels focusing on motorcycle travel and doing a fair amount of research. Fascinated with seeing all of these countries and just maybe one day finding myself there would be a goal worth striving to achieve.

After 6 years in Ireland I had seen more of this country than most Irish people and I had gotten a fair amount of comments from friends and acquaintances who had said “You have seen more of Ireland than I have and I am from here”!

Although Ireland is a small country its population is focused in cities and towns so therefore the spaces are much more open and it doesn’t take long to get that feeling you are in the middle of nowhere.


In 2022 the Éire Rider brand is established. I look forward to sharing my Explore Ireland series with you all and look forward to the road ahead with much anticipation and excitement.

We have currently 33 videos on our channel, link in this website with a subscriber base that is growing.

We currently have over 100 000 views on Google maps. All our Social media platforms are seeing consistent growth.

Currently we are exploring the following counties, Leitrim, Roscommon, Sligo and Antrim.

We plan to explore Fermanagh in Northern Ireland, Donegal and Mayo soon.

Ensure you are subscribed to the channel to experience this beautiful country.




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