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Sean’s Bar

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Sean’s Bar, Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland

Situated in the Heart of Ireland, halfway between Dublin and Galway, Sean’s Bar is part of the life and soul of Athlone, Co. Westmeath.

Sean’s plays host to visitors from all around the world. Whether absorbing the history, listening to music, visiting with friends and family, or simply enjoying the perfect pint, the appeal is equally strong for everyone. Listed in both “25 of the Most Incredible Bars in the World” and “50 Bars to Blow Your Mind” by Lonely Planet, a visit to Sean’s is a must! Even more amazing, Sean’s Bar was officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as Ireland’s Oldest Pub. Find out more about why Sean’s is not only the oldest, but one of the best-loved pubs in world.

With music 7 nights a week, live bands, flowing pints, electric atmosphere, and that Good Ol’ Irish Craic, no wonder Sean’s Bar has been the chosen destination for many for over 10 Centuries.

History of Sean’s Bar

Earning the name of The Oldest Pub In Ireland, and possibly quickly The Oldest Pub withinside the World, Sean’s Bar’s records is a charming tale. Athlone, marks the webweb page of what turned into as soon as a outstanding ford throughout the Shannon referred to as the Ford of Great Antiquity.

At round 900 AD there lived a person known as Luain Mac Luighdeach – Luain son of Lewy. It is thought that he installed an Inn near to “Áth Mor – The Great Ford”. This Inn is these days referred to as Sean’s Bar! Luain acted as a manual to travelers who needed to challenge throughout the speedy torrent of the Shannon. A agreement grew up across the crossing factor and in time the location got here to be acknowledged with the aid of using his name “Áth Luain” – the Ford of Luain which later have become Athlone.

In 1129, King Turlough O’ Connor constructed the primary timber citadel right here to shield this agreement. Sean’s Bar has an in depth and documented records proper again to 900AD. During renovations in 1970, the partitions of the bar had been observed to be made of “wattle and wicker” relationship again to the 9th century.

Old cash which had been minted with the aid of using diverse landlords for barter with their clients had been additionally observed. The partitions and the cash are on show withinside the National Museum. One phase stays on show withinside the pub. Sean’s Bar has been researched very well with the aid of using the Guinness Book of Records and proudly holds the report for “The Oldest Pub in Ireland” with an respectable relationship of 900AD. Research is ongoing into the name of “The Oldest Pub withinside the World”; so far, not anything older has been observed.

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Get The Ultimate Ireland Travel Bundle When You Join and Stay Updated On Everything About The Emerald Ilse. Your Free Travel Bundle will include Free PDF Downloads as well as Online Resources that we update regularly.

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